June: 5th Gr. Update

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 6/5 1:45A Lower Lab Teacher
Reading: Last week, the fifth graders premiered their “ideas worth sharing” based on our research of the Age of Exploration. In our final days of June we will move on to our final unit of the year- memoirs! Students will dive into some short...

Happy June! ??

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 5/31 9:38A Lower Lab Teacher
Dear Third Grade Families, We can hardly believe that we are in the final stretch of third grade! We are so proud of the third graders for all of their hard work this school year. It was so nice to celebrate the students at our publishing parties...

Art with Ms. Michelle

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 5/30 3:58P Lower Lab Teacher
June 2023 To All Families, Thank you Scarlett Thank you Pierce Thank you Olivia As the month of June approaches I am super happy to express how wonderful this school year has been. Art is my passion...

June Newsletter

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 5/30 3:48A Lower Lab Teacher
End of Year Celebration: Architecture Showcase! We are thrilled to welcome families into our classrooms to celebrate the end of year and showcase our amazing architecture project. Please see the details below. Date: Wednesday June 21, 2023 Time:...

Grade 2 Happenings~ June 2023

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 5/29 1:53A Lower Lab Teacher
June 1, 2023 Dear Second Grade Families: May has been filled with so many special moments. Some Celebratory Moments: Guest speakers have inspired students in a variety of ways! In May we delighted in hosting Gita Varadarajan, Melissa Stewart,...

4th Grade June Updates

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 5/26 5:31A Lower Lab Teacher
June 1, 2023 Dear Families, We cannot believe this is the last blog of the year! It has been an incredible year together filled with amazing growth in our students. We are proud of all that they have accomplished and it is a bittersweet time for...

Kindergarten: May Update 2023

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 5/24 6:36A Lower Lab Teacher
Dear Families, Things have been very busy in Kindergarten! We wanted to update you on some of the exciting things we have been studying. In reading, we continue our word detective work.  The final part of this unit focuses on helping our children...

Science May

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 5/24 2:44A Lower Lab Teacher
1st grade students have begun using Science notebooks in preparation for 2nd grade. Here is a cool experiment they observed where they learned about how different liquids don t mix together and form...

Deals of the Day: May 19 (Education) 5/19 7:37A C. J. Hughes, Eddie Small
A new media company rents in the Financial District, and an apartment building gets funding on the Upper East Side

Everyone Loves Field Day!

The Browning School 5/17 6:15A Jeremy Katz
The all-new Panther Games saw the entire student body split into four core teams, Red, White, Black, and Silver, as they participated in a variety of relay races and games.? The core teams, which will...

Latin at Lower Lab Update

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 5/16 2:14A Lower Lab Teacher
This Spring, all Latin classes have been playing Books a new feature of Wordcraft, our etymology-powered learning system. The goal: see new vocabulary words in context develop reading comprehension...

Deals of the Day: May 12 (Education) 5/12 8:24A C. J. Hughes, Eddie Small
A nut store shells out for an Upper East Side space, and a Catholic school trades in East Flatbush

Music – May Updates

PS 77 | The Lower Lab School 5/10 9:06A Lower Lab Teacher
Dear Lower Lab Families, Happy May! The next few weeks ahead are very musical, and very busy, for our upper grade students. On Thursday, May 11, our 3rd and 4th Graders will have a Recorder Concert...
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