The best cocktail dresses for weddings, holiday parties and more (Fashion) 11/17 4:17A Victoria Giardina
Shopping for cocktail dresses may be one of my favorite pastimes. Paired with a fire lipstick, a solid clutch and beautiful accessories, finding a new dress is a good serotonin boost. But, that perfect dress may be difficult to find. Sure, there...

Deal reached on New York Blood Center rezoning (Retail & Apparel) 11/10 7:24A Maya Kaufman
Negotiations on the proposed redevelopment of the Upper East Side facility went on through early Wednesday morning To view the full story, click the title link.

London Jewelers hosts a festival of Italian food, wine and bling (Fashion) 11/10 12:08A Anne Bratskeir
What pairs well with Italian bites and bottles? The answer, London Jewelers president Candy Udell would argue, is sparkling baubles. To that end, Udell has invited a joyous Italian takeover of her family’s dazzling Manhasset store for two...

Brooke Shields on being a boss and landing ‘A Castle for Christmas’ (Fashion) 11/10 12:07A Sara Stewart
Brooke Shields is still wrapping her mind around being the boss. “I’m used to signing on the line that says ‘Talent,’” she says, with a laugh. The launch of her new brand, the lifestyle platform Beginning Is Now, means Shields isn’t just the face...
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