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Foraging on Public Lands Is Becoming More LImited (Health) 6/10 9:00P Jim Robbins
Collecting wild mushrooms, berries and other foods from public forests and parks has become so popular that state and federal agencies are imposing more restrictions.

FDA Panel Rejects Use of MDMA for Treatment of PTSD (Health) 6/4 11:54A Andrew Jacobs
An independent group of experts expressed concerns that the data from clinical trials did not outweigh risks for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Transplanted Pig Kidney Is Removed From Patient (Health) 6/4 7:41A Roni Caryn Rabin
The organ, from a genetically modified animal, failed because of a lack of blood flow, surgeons said, but did not appear to have been rejected by the body.

FDA Panel Weighs MDMA Therapy for PTSD (Health) 6/4 6:51A Andrew Jacobs
An independent group of experts is meeting Tuesday to consider whether to allow use of this illegal drug, also known as Ecstasy, to treat PTSD.
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