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Ultimate Strawberry Popsicles

Serious Eats (Recipes) 7/1 9:45P Kristina Razon
With fresh strawberries, strawberry jam, and optional freeze-dried strawberry powder, these frozen pops are a cinch to make and are bursting with flavor. Get Recipe!

Indoor Dining May Not Return to NYC Next Week

Eater NY 6/29 6:19A Luke Fortney
Photo by EuropaNewswire/Gado/Getty Images Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo are both reconsidering indoor dining as part of NYC’s third phase of reopening Mayor de Blasio appears to be reconsidering...

Japanese-Style Iced Coffee

Serious Eats (Recipes) 6/24 9:45P Daniel Gritzer
Brewing hot drip coffee directly onto ice is one of the best ways to make iced coffee, and it couldn't be easier. Get Recipe!

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Serious Eats (Recipes) 6/21 9:45P Daniel Gritzer
Cold brew coffee is simply a concentrate of coffee that's brewed for many hours at room temperature, then diluted with water, milk, or a milk substitute to make iced coffee. Get Recipe!

Carrot Raita Recipe

Serious Eats (Recipes) 6/17 2:50A Nik Sharma
A variation on raitha, the yogurt-based condiment, that showcases the transformative power of tadka, a technique used to infuse oils and fats with flavor, texture, and spice. Get Recipe!

What Michelin-Starred Dining Looks Like During Coronavirus

Eater NY 6/16 6:00A Gary He
Gary He/Eater During the pandemic, fine dining restaurants have been forced to ditch many of the elements that usually label their food as “upscale.” So when forced to do takeout, what does the food...

Florentine Omelette With Spinach and Cheese

Serious Eats (Recipes) 6/15 9:45P Daniel Gritzer
Filled with tender sautéed spinach and melted cheese, this classic omelette is a guaranteed hit. Just don't use baby spinach for it. Get Recipe!

10 Great Chicken Dishes Still Available in NYC

Eater NY 6/12 5:28A Robert Sietsema
Chirping Chicken’s grilled chicken | Robert Sietsema/Eater Fried, grilled, or soaked with spicy sauce, here are some of critic Robert Sietsema’s favorite chicken dishes available right now What is it...

Where to Get a Restaurant-Made Picnic Spread in NYC

Eater NY 6/11 3:50A Luke Fortney
A picnic at the East Village’s Tompkins Square | Robert Sietsema/Eater Meal kits and picnic essentials for an afternoon in the park, on a rooftop, or right out in a backyard Regulated outdoor dining...

Western Omelette With Bell Pepper, Onion, Ham, and Cheese

Serious Eats (Recipes) 6/9 9:45P Daniel Gritzer
This Western omelette truly tastes like the West, thanks to nicely browned onions, bell peppers, and ham, and a pinch of smoked paprika to give it all a whiff of campfire smoke. Get Recipe!
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