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Classic Mignonette

Serious Eats (Recipes) 12/13 12:58A Sasha Marx
Most recipes for classic mignonette don't give its the respect and attention they deserve. With a sharp knife, and a little attention to detail, you can raise the bar on this raw bar staple. Get...

Duck à l'Orange

Serious Eats (Recipes) 12/11 10:27P Daniel Gritzer
An acrobatic balancing act of acid, bitter, sugar, and fat, the sauce for this duck à l'orange recipe is designed to walk the tightrope of flavor, perfectly suited to cutting through the richness of...

Gingerbread Cookies

Serious Eats (Recipes) 12/10 10:28P Stella Parks
With bold spices and a delicate snap, these gingerbread cookies are the perfect holiday bite whether served plain and simple or with a thin layer of royal icing to garnish. A pinch of orange zest in...

Blue Cheese and Toasted-Pecan Dip

Serious Eats (Recipes) 12/7 12:00A Morgan Eisenberg
Classic blue cheese dip gets a nutty twist with this quick and easy recipe, ideal for holiday entertaining or game-day parties. Get Recipe!

Almond Biscotti With Anise

Serious Eats (Recipes) 12/5 10:28P Stella Parks
Scented with almond and anise, these crunchy homemade biscotti (twice-baked Italian cookies) are as classic as they are simple to make. Get Recipe!

Hobak Beombeok (Korean Squash, Sweet Potato, and Bean Porridge)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 12/4 10:25P Seoyoung Jung
This warming Korean porridge is a celebration of fall produce, and is loaded with winter squash, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, jujubes, and beans. The squash traditionally used is a large, old one called...

Miso Tori Paitan Ramen (Creamy Chicken Broth Ramen)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 12/4 12:56A Sho Spaeth
This bowl of ramen features a creamy and rich chicken paitan broth flavored with a tare , or seasoning, made from a mixture of red miso, soy sauce, sake, dried fish, kelp, and fresh red chilies...

Chicken Paitan Broth (Tori Paitan Dashi)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 12/4 12:54A Sho Spaeth
A cousin to the ubiquitous creamy and rich tonkotsu ramen broth, tori paitan broth is made from chicken instead of pork, and it's just as tasty. It's also relatively easy to make when you use your...

Pressure Cooker Chintan Shoyu Ramen

Serious Eats (Recipes) 12/2 7:40P Sho Spaeth
A relatively simple and straightforward method for producing all the components of a classic clear shoyu ramen. Get Recipe!

Homemade Ramen Noodles

Serious Eats (Recipes) 11/28 10:28P Sho Spaeth
You can't have a bowl of ramen without wheat-based alkaline noodles. Get Recipe!

Baked Baking Soda (Sodium Carbonate)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 11/28 10:27P Sho Spaeth
Heating baking soda makes it transform from sodium bicarbonate into sodium carbonate. Get Recipe!

Tri-Tip Beef Roast With Shallot Jus

Serious Eats (Recipes) 11/26 10:25P Sasha Marx
Using the reverse-sear method, you can turn the underappreciated tri-tip into a special-occasion beef roast, without breaking the bank. Get Recipe!

Pressure Cooker Brown Chicken Stock

Serious Eats (Recipes) 11/14 12:55A Daniel Gritzer
Using a pressure cooker like the Instant Pot, you can make deeply rich and flavorful chicken stock in a fraction of the traditional cooking time. Get Recipe!
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