About Penjejakan: Penjejakan.com is a prominent parcel tracking platform in Malaysia that has been delivering users with thorough and precise tracking details since 2023. Our ultimate goal is to become the preferred tracking platform for all Malaysians, regardless of the location of their parcels. We are dedicated to simplifying the tracking process for our users by incorporating efficiency and innovation, while also prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Our Vision: At Penjejakan, our goal is to become the premier parcel tracking platform in Malaysia, offering users with the most extensive and precise tracking details available. We recognize the inconvenience of not being able to track parcels effectively, particularly when they are being shipped from overseas.
That is why we strive to make the parcel tracking process effortless and stress-free for our users, regardless of the origin or destination of their packages.
GiaoHangTotNhat.VN began as a rapid delivery company, operating through its website. Over the years, the brand identity and corporate structure of GiaoHangTotNhat (Giao Hàng T?t Nh?t) have undergone significant changes.
From 2017 to 2021, the company operated as Best Express District 7, HCMC, Vietnam – GiaoHangTotNhat.VN, with NECTAR as its legal entity. This phase was crucial in establishing a strong local presence in the logistics industry.
In the following years, from 2021 to 2023, the company evolved into Best Express GiaoHangTotNhat – Thu Duc Branch, under the legal entity of Gia Nguyen Company. This transition allowed for an expansion of services and a wider reach.
In late 2023, Penjejakan was launched as a member of the GiaoHangTotNhat.vn group, specifically catering to parcel tracking needs in Malaysia. This strategic move aimed to strengthen the international presence of GiaoHangTotNhat and provide Malaysians with a personalized and superior tracking service.
Penjejakan was founded by a team of experienced professionals in logistics and technology in the fourth quarter of 2023. Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive and accurate parcel tracking platform in Malaysia, GiaoHangTotNhat took the initiative to create one. With our combined expertise, we developed a cutting-edge tracking platform that has become the preferred choice for many Malaysians.
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