I am Amelia Grant, journalist and blogger. I think that information is a great force that is able to change people’s life for the better. That is why I feel a strong intention to share useful and important things about health self-care, wellness and other advice that may be helpful for people. Being an enthusiast of healthy lifestyle that keeps improving my life, I wish the same for everyone.
Our attention to ourselves, to our daily routine and habits is very important. Things that may seem insignificant, are pieces of a big puzzle called life. I want to encourage people be more attentive to their well-being, improve every little item of it and become healthier, happier, stronger. All of us deserve that. And I really hope that my work help to make the world better.

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PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome is the disease that is familiar to many women in the USA. It occurs because of the multiple non-malignant cysts that occur...
Dysmenorrhea is the dysfunction of the menstrual period characterized by the severe pain during menstruations. The pain can be acute or dull, localizing in the...
A freelance accountant has recently become a popular specialist for individual entrepreneurs, small businesses or newly formed companies that require rapid...
Traditional Indian weddings are very different from the Western way of celebrating. Though living in the USA, Indian people try to preserve their traditions as...
Just think about the fact, that 50 years ago, none of the young girls or women couldn't even think about the fact that they can change their body. Especially...
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