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Gamiotics Studios, the emerging leader in real-time audience engagement will be presenting The Twenty-Sided Tavern, a live-action Dungeons and Dragons style interactive adventure at The Asylum NYC in New York City as part of a multi-city rollout of this new live narrative experience. In September, The Twenty-Sided Tavern, created and brought to market by David Carpenter / Gamiotics Studios, David Andrew Laws, Sarah Reynolds, and Carl Vorwerk, premiered in Philadelphia as part of Philly Fringe to rave reviews.

The Twenty-Sided Tavern boasts the ability for audience members to experience the journey of a lifetime ‘without ever leaving your seat’ by combining the best of theater, improv and tabletop gaming. The Twenty-Sided Tavern is led by a resourceful gamemaster who encourages collaboration for the Dungeons & Dragons-style experience.

Gamiotics founder and CEO, David Carpenter is heralded as a pioneer on the front lines of digital entertainment as well as a fierce advocate for exploration into the space where theater meets interactive gaming. “When we engage audience members to work together to fuel choices that ultimately steer the direction of the show, we find that the stories we are telling have more dimensions than ever imaginable through traditional storytelling.”

There is a growing need for entertainment ventures to increase interactivity through one of the most powerful personal tools in any audience member’s hands: their smartphone. “The software we have developed and incorporated into The Twenty-Sided Tavern is a way to create two-way conversations to create opportunities that immediately impact the bottom line, not just through performance, but also for brands to apply experiential marketing to upselling, promotion, data capture and choice-based enhancements,” says Carpenter.

About The Twenty-Sided Tavern

The story is in your hands at The Twenty-Sided Tavern! Live gaming meets interactive theatre as you and a band of heroes recount the story of a lifetime, a story that is guaranteed to be truly unique every time. Powered by Gamiotics and fueled by your choices, you'll decide which characters set out on this epic quest, what challenges they face along the way, and ultimately how successful they are. Along the way, you'll meet hilarious NPCs, create dangerous monsters, and perhaps even play a fantasy party game or two. Get ready to embark on an adventure that might involve dungeons, might involve dragons but will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

The Twenty-Sided Tavern is powered by Gamiotics. Built by creators for creators, Gamiotics is the only software solution for the live entertainment market that connects the audience and content with zero hassle.

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