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When you lose a massive amount of weight, more than 100 pounds anyway, you’re going to be left with a lot of excess skin. It hangs on your body in rolls and doesn’t snap back into place because there’s just too much of it. And for the most part, especially after gastric bypass surgery, most of the skin and leftover fat hangs off your abdomen. Panniculectomy surgery is the process of removing that excess fat and stretched out skin. Panniculectomy surgeons often perform this procedure as a referral from weight loss doctors as part of a medical treatment for extreme weight loss. Call the best panniculectomy surgeon in New York City at Millennial Plastic Surgery to learn how you can get comfortable again once you’ve done all the hard work.

What Is a Panniculectomy?

A panniculectomy surgery is designed specifically to sculpt your body after you’ve gone through the process of losing massive amounts of weight. While a tummy tuck procedure tightens loos Midtown Manhattane skin and muscles and removes extra fat after less drastic weight loss, an abdominal panniculectomy is more suitable if you’ve just undergone some kind of bariatric surgery or even stuck to a diet plan for an extended period time to get the same results. The excess skin and fat may even hang down to your thighs or your genitals, but it at least hangs over your belt.

You didn’t go through all that strict dieting, grueling workouts and difficult lifestyle changes to be left with a body you still can’t be proud of. The body contouring process is healthy, functional and cosmetic. It’s not just about your appearance. Benefits you’ll receive from the panniculectomy procedure include:

  • Increased overall comfort
  • Easily fitting into new clothes
  • Reduced strain on your back
  • Elimination of rashes brought on by sagging skin
  • Increased motivation to participate in healthy activities
  • Fewer skin infections
  • Reduced stress about your appearance
  • Boost in confidence

When loose skin and excessive amounts of fat prevent you from enjoying your life and your successful weight loss, the best panniculectomy surgeon in New York City is in Midtown Manhattan at Millennial Plastic Surgery. You receive the kind of cosmetic care that ensures your comfort — emotionally, physically and mentally.

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