Creating a lasting tribute for a loved one is a deeply personal and meaningful process. At Cemetery Monument Co., INC., we understand the importance of preserving memories most respectfully and beautifully as possible. Our website, Cemetery Monument Online, serves as a gateway to creating a unique and lasting residence for your loved ones, offering various options to ensure that their memory is forever carved not just on a monument but in the hearts of those who remember them.

Design Your Monument

In today’s digital age, personalization is key in making Denigris monuments unique and reflective of the individual’s life and legacy. Recognizing this, we offer a Design Your Monument feature. This innovative tool allows you to participate actively in the design process, ensuring that every detail, from the inscription to the materials, honors your loved one in the way they deserve.

Cemetery Monuments

Finding a locally trusted provider for cemetery monuments can be challenging for families located on Long Island. Cemetery Monument prides itself on serving the Long Island community with dignity and respect, offering expert guidance and craftsmanship in creating beautiful, lasting cemetery monuments in Long Island. Our commitment to quality and compassion has made us a cornerstone for those needing cemetery monuments in the area.


Choosing a headstone is a significant decision. It stands as a marker of a life lived, and as such, should be chosen with care and consideration. In Long Island, we are renowned for our quality, durability, and design of headstones Long Island, helping families find the perfect expression of love and remembrance for their dearly departed.

Design Gravestone

The desire to capture the essence of a loved one's spirit and legacy has led many to seek more personalized memorials. Our Design Your Grave Stone feature provides a bespoke service, empowering you to create a truly unique memorial that reflects the personal story, achievements, and character of your loved one.

At Cemetery Monument, we understand the importance of commemorating the lives of those we love. Through our website, Cemetery Monument Online, we make efforts to provide a smooth and supportive experience in designing and selecting the perfect monument, headstone, or gravestone. Our commitment to craftsmanship, combined with our understanding of the need for a personal touch, makes us a trusted partner in memorializing your loved one’s legacy.